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Burma-Conference in Oslo Dec 9.

Invitation to an open Burma-conference
Oslo, 9th December 

Please find below the program for the open Burma-conference which will
be organised in Oslo on December 9th. We will hereby invite you and your
colleagues to the conference which will aim at putting emphasis on Burma
in a broad international perspective. 

Will international pressure lead to a positive development in Burma?
09:00	Mr. Hallvard Kuløy, Chairman of the Norwegian Burma Council.
09:15	Dr. Sein Win, Burma's Prime Minister in exile
	The Present situation in Burma
09:30	Ms. Maij-Weggen, Dutch Member of the European Parliament and 
member of PD Burma
	Burma and the EU- policy
10:00	Mr. Kjell Magne Bondevik, Prime Minister of Norway
	The Norwegian Burma-policy
10.30 	Ms. Helle Degn, Chairperson of the Committee of Foreign Affairs 
in the Danish Parliament and Chairperson of PD Burma
11:00	Debate and press conference
12:00 	Lunch
13:00	Mr. Bertil Lintner, Journalist in Far Eastern Economic Review
	Narcotics and politics in Burma
14:00	Coffee break
14:15	Prof. Robert Cribb, Director of the Nordic Institute of Asian 
	Burma's entry into the ASEAN: background and implications.
14:45	Mr. Harn Yawnghwe, Director of the Euro-Burma office in Brussels
	The Burmese economy
15:15	Debate and questions from the audience

Welcome to the Burma-conference Tuesday December 9th 1997
"Gamle Festsal", University of Oslo, Karl Johansgate 47

For further information, please contact 

Kjersti Tromsdal			Tone Abrahamsen		
PD Burma				The Norwegian Burma Council
pdburma@xxxxxxxxx			burma@xxxxxxxxx