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Joint Statement on arrest of Dr. Mi


November 25, 1997

We, Monland Restoration Council of USA, Mon National Association of Canada,
and Australia  Mon Association of Australia,   strongly condemn the Burmese
military regime for its arrest of  Mon Member of Parliament Dr. Min Soe Lin.
 Dr. Min Soe Lin was arrested  on November 6, 1997 under the Emergency Act
for peacefully organizing the 50th anniversary of Mon National Day
celebration on February 23, 1997. He was elected by various Mon organizations
to the secretary general  of Mon State Commission for the Golden Jubilee  Mon
National Day. He  is also one of Mon members of parliament  elected in 1990
general election. However, his party, the  Mon National Democratic Front
Party was banned on 19 March, 1992.
The entire Mon nation has become "a people without a country" under the
oppression of the Burmans since 1757. Use of Mon language and practice of Mon
culture are forbidden. The military even bans the celebration of Mon National
Day. Those who organize Mon National Day celebration are arrested, tortured,
and sentenced to long terms imprisonment. Besides, the Burmese military has
systematically destroyed Mon national education system in order to terminate
the existence of Mon literature and culture. The worst of all is that the
military conducts "ethnic cleansing policies" to wipe out diverse ethnic
groups. Human rights violations such as rapes, forced labors, forced
relocation, and summary executions of innocent civilians are widespread all
over Mon State where "ethnic cleansing policy" has been employed.

Ethnic cleansing is not a solution to Burma's current crisis. Neither Peace
nor Development can be achieved under the "ethnic cleansing policies." As
long as we Mons and other ethnic nationalities are denied the rights to
self-determination and equality, Burma will never enjoy peace and freedom.

We strongly demand the Burmese military regime:

To  immediately release  Mon Member of Parliament  Dr.Min Soe Lin and other
political prisoners. 

To stop human rights violations in Monland.

We request the international community:

To pressure the Burmese Military regime for a dialogue comprised of elected
representatives, ethnic leaders, and military's representatives.

Central Committee

Monland Restoration Council (USA)
Mon National Association (Canada)
Australia Mon Association (Australia)

Monland Restoration Council
P.O Box 50108
Fort Wayne, IN 46805
Tel: 219-471-3961
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