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To Ko Aung Kyaw* (r)

Hi Ko Aung Kyaw,
	You said I am Nyein Chan.  Ha Ha.  I think it is very funny.
Anyway, you are always saying that he is criticizing the organizations.  I
have written you so many times asking that which sentences Ko Nyein Chan
wrote to express his criticism but, You NEVRE EVER COULDN'T COPY THOSE AS
YOU ALWAYS GROUNDLESSLY SAY.  Didn't I write and ask you to copy those
sentences and urge you to explain why those are criticism?  You had better
re-read all messages and find out what things implicate your saying.  If
not, it is very funny to learn your personal attacks without proper
explaination.  Do I need to resent messages urging you to do so?  
	I defend when I like an idea but not blindly.  I know you are
working in a computer industry and you are using a hot mail.  I still have
your messages that show (Aung Soe <Aung Kyaw@xxxxxxxxxxx>).  You said,
writing with pen name can cause pain to others.  Well, why don't you write
from your real account too.  Your words should be equally apply to you
too.  You said your name is Aung Kyaw then why is it appeared as Aung Soe? 
	SLORC is watching on the net but I think there is nothing to hide
except operations and internal movements.  Only wrongdoers wants to hide
	If you can explain the above facts that I have been asking for
ages, that will be great and if those prove that Nyein Chan is criticizing
the organizations, let's bury him.  You had better say why those can hurt.
Kyaw Zay Ya

On 3 Dec 1997 aungkyaw@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Ko Than Soe,
> That's right. I've should have talked to Ko Nyein Chan directly if I was 
> his friend. This is the idea I've tried to raise. Why did not Ko Nyein 
> Chan beheave the same to those organizations he was accausing?
> First of all, you thought I disguise my name. I have nothing to do that. 
> I wrote here because I believe what his beheaviour effects negative 
> impact on the movement. You said Slorc is watching. It's dead right. In 
> future, Myat Khin Thit (Slorc's counter-movement magazine) will brouse 
> Burma net for their attack against the movement. They don't have to send 
> agents. This is my point. 
> I have to defend anyone who is doing the right thing against the 
> unappropriate beheaviour. He can write his idea or whatever but shold be 
> honest. This is what people are doing on the net. 
> What he is doing is dishonest by using different names on the net and 
> attacking others. Criticising others is easy with a disguished names but 
> this criticised person is painful. There are lots of political arena he 
> can play if he wants by saying who I am.
> I whish I would be his friend so that I know his intention.
> Aung Kyaw
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> >Ko Aung Kyaw (--- --- --):
> >
> >It is not a nice thing to write and grill a friend on the public 
> internet.
> >
> >If you are sure who is the person using the name "Ko Nyein Chan", why
> >don't you try directly contacting him, first ; Then try to discuss the
> >differences --such as why he/she is using the nick name, what is the
> >intention and goals. There will be reasons and solutions for both of 
> you.
> >
> >We all love our motherland, the Union of Burma, very much and equally ;
> >None is above someone in the degree of love for the country. At the
> >mean time, we have lots of things to serve the Nation. We may have had
> >differences in idealogy and style of approaches to our
> >revolutiony and country affairs, but we still have a long way to go,
> >and we better ought to establish understanding among the 
> revolutionaries.
> >So, don't try to make new enemy after new enemies. (I am not preaching
> >you, please).
> >
> >While you are accusing Ko Kyaw Zay Ya, do you think nobody know who you
> >are? Many activists, including me, know who "Aung Kyaw" is. (It is very
> >easy to hack). Why don't you use your real name? (I do not want your
> >answer ;  I know you have reason, and I try to understand it. If 
> something
> >I disagree with you, I will write to your real e-mail account. That is 
> my
> >way, but I will not make you feel being grilled on the net).
> >
> >If someone reveal your real name, (which you do not want to show to the
> >public with some reason), on the public net, what kind of feeling you 
> will
> >get. Okay friend, you know the situation. SLORC (Shit-PDC) is watching.
> >
> >Ary you sure who "Nyein Chan (NC)" is? If you think KZY is NC, try to
> >write or call him directly. Since, you guys are friends and know each
> >other very well, there will be soultion for the current 
> misunderstanding
> >between you guys. 
> >
> >Please, don't try to ploitically kill the fellow activists. Please, try 
> to
> >cheer, understand and support the fellow activists. We all are, now, on
> >the same boat.  
> >
> >Hope you understand me.
> >
> >	   "Down with evil regime. Down with evil revolutionary."
> >
> >
> >----=--------=---------=----------=---------=---------=----------=----
> >(P.S ... Don't write me back on the net. I have not subscribed the
> >BurmaNet, yet. I got you e-mail from someone. I try to be quiet, but
> >things are not in favor. Why do you do like that, man?)  
> >
> >
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> >Date: 02 Dec 1997 10:04:52
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> >Subject: deceitful Nyein Chan (a) ???
> >
> >Dear all,
> >
> >I have been sick with some people who are making noise in net with
> >different names.  First, writing on the net is very common in internet
> >politics. However, I found out someone who is using different names on
> >the net to play some slam area polotics. This person has been raising
> >different issues which can allure the audience and supporting his
> >assumption by different names.
> >
> >Nyein Chan (a) Kyaw Za Ya is the person that I found out after studying
> >his notes on the net. At first, I'm wondering why Kyaw Za Ya is so
> >sensative when some people hit Nyein Chan. He defend Nyein Chan notes 
> on
> >the net. Unsuprisingly, the ideas what Nyein Chan wrote and what Kyaw 
> Za
> >Ya are almost the same. Below is the some parts of two messages from
> >Nyein Chan and Kyaw Za Ya to me. You will find that the same idea and
> >sometime same usages in the same day. There are many messages on the 
> net
> >with  the same facts by those two names.
> >
> >It shows deceitful of his intention on the net. I don't know there are
> >how many of his names doing the same thing on the net.  I'm tired of
> >being argued with that kind of hypocritical person. He should  find the
> >political ground in other place else to play such kind of thing and
> >considerate others on the net.
> >
> >Aung Kyaw
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