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MON NEWS (fwd)

Subject: MON NEWS

Bangkok, 30 Nov. 1997
Nai Phisan Pladsingh, Director of Mon Information Service (MIS) took part
in a seminar at Thamasart University, Bangkok.  It was organized by the
university students, teachers and local Thai NGOs.  In the seminar, they
widely discussed about the PTT's
illegitimate gas pipe line project between Thailand and Burma.  Although
the local Thai 
people and NGOs continuously protest against the project,  the government
backed PTT laid the gas pipe lines as much as possible.

Bangkok, 2 Dec. 1997
About 200 people from Kanchanaburi submit a letter to the Prime Minister,
Chuang Leekphai at the government 's House to reconsider the project of gas
pipe line.  15 representatives were chosen to go into the government house
and meet the minister of Prime Minister Office.  Kun Yin Suphatra Massadit
come to receive the letter and let the representatives make presentations. 
Nai Phisan's presentations is mainly about the Human Rights violations
around the gas pipe line area in Burma, and resulting much people in that
area fled to the border for safe haven.  Ms Suphatra Massadit is interested
about the case of young girls raped by gas pipe line construction officers
and asked more details.

In the afternoon of the same day, the 15 representatives also went to
Army's meeting hall to submit the letter to the Chief of the Army, Gen
Chetha Thanajaro.   But Gen Chan Bunprasert present of behalf of Gen

The activists have plans to go to wild forest again next week to the
celebration of closing the forest at Thongphapum district.