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Poster campaign and demonstration

campaign  and  demonstration launched  in  protest against
maltreatment  of Thai's  government to  on Burmese refugee!

ABSL  has  launched a  poster campaign  in New  Delhi today
expressing  its  concern and  anger toward  maltreatment of
Thai government on Burmese refugee in Thailand. Posters were
pasted-up all around New Delhi,  including diplomatic area.
The  campaign kicked  off in the  morning and  ended with a
demonstration in front of Thai Embassy in evening. ABSL has
also  submitted a memorandum to Thai Government a long with

On  the  current  arrest and  killing  of  innocent Burmese
refugees  who  are  taking  shelter  in  Thai-Burma border.

In  the  memorandum,  ABSL  strongly  condemn  the  inhuman
practice and maltreatment of Thai government toward Burmese
Refugees  and appeals to all the international community to
join  hard with democratic forces  of Burma in the protest.

ABSL  also warns the Thai Government of mischeavious act of
the  present military junta of  Burma.  ABSL also urges the
immediate  release of Burmese  refugees from the detention.

Fact Sheets Contains

(1) List of detainees (How many)
(a) Ko Kyaw Htet         PDF
(b) Ko Shwe Thwe         PDF
(C) Ko Lu Maw            PDF
(e) Ko Aung Htoo         PDF
(f) Ko Charlie           DPNS
(g) Ko Win Naing         DPNS
(h) Ko Kyaw Naing        DPNS
(i) Ko Paw Tun Aung      NLD-La
(j) Ko Aung San Nyunt    NLD-LA
(k) U Shein              MDUF
(l) Ko Aung Chit         MDUF
(m) Ko Than Htite        MDUF
(n) Maung Letwae Tun     MDUF (8-year-old)
(o) Maung Nyi Nyi Lwin   MDUF (10-year-old)
(p) Ko Htet Khaung       Karen History Research
(q) Ko Myint Win         Karen History Research
(r) Ko Tun Sein          ABSDF
Others                   Two

(2) The killing of the innocent were....

(a) Youth
(b) Plawar ( 45 years old, from Thaminlet village)
(c) Se Doe Ke ( 28 years old, from Thein Khwe village)
(d) Ta Ka Paw Htu ( 30 years old from Ta Le Khi village)
(e) Anonymous ( 20 years old, he was forced to run and shot
at the back)

(3) Pursuanous of Burma Govt.

At  11.  AM,  on the 24th of November 1997,  18 people were
arrested  in their organisation's  offices at Sangkhlaburi.
At 2 PM, they were transferred to the Border Police Camp. At
approximately  3,30 PM.   Lt Kyaw  Zaw from  MI 5  at Three
Pagodas Pass,  went to the Nai Arnphur and collected a list
of names of those arrested.

(4) Posters read as follows:

(a) Hey! Thai Army stop killing innocent Burmese Refugees
(b) Hey! Thai Army stop forced repatriation
(c) Hey! Thai Army release all the Burmese political
(d) Hey! Thai Army end your relation with SPDC (SLORC)
(e) Down with militarisation in the Asean region

News and Information Bureau, All Burma Students League

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