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deceitful Nyein Chan (a) ??? (r)

It is not new. Some people who can't continue or concern their future, 
just go. Who can bare the hardship stay. Even you are in Third country.

Aung Kyaw

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>Hi Ko Aung Kyaw ,
>It is me again.  DO you know how many students left from only 
>camp.  I know who is students and I know whio pretends to be students.  
>I have to post the exact number, I can do it quite easily even I can
>include some from the second line leaders who got recognition and 
>for going to Australia.  You had better call and ask before telling
>something.  Don't you read the whole message of Ko Nyein Chan?  What 
>he said in his message and what did he asked or urged?  You have no 
>to think.
>Kyaw Zay Ya
>Indiana University 

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