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deceitful Nyein Chan (a) ??? (r)

You know what is your act and think carefully. I have nothing for you to 
discuss. And be sincere when you do revolutionary politics.

aung kyaw

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>Hi Ko Aung Kyaw ,
>It is me again.  DO you know how many students left from only 
>camp.  I know who is students and I know whio pretends to be students.  
>I have to post the exact number, I can do it quite easily even I can
>include some from the second line leaders who got recognition and 
>for going to Australia.  You had better call and ask before telling
>something.  Don't you read the whole message of Ko Nyein Chan?  What 
>he said in his message and what did he asked or urged?  You have no 
>to think.
>Kyaw Zay Ya
>Indiana University 

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