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deceitful Nyein Chan (a) ??? (r)

Ko Myo Thant, 

Those are the part of what Nyein Chan wrote. If anyone think those are 
not attacking the ABSDF image, please raise the point. I don't have the 
first message. If anyone has, please forward it to me.

This is what Nyein Chan wrote. What is the sense? It was clearly saying 
that ABSDF is a murdering organization. 

         ">As you confess, the rough 
          >situation never let us attempt for change.  You can say here 
but you 
          >can't say in ABSDF camps since your death is near you. (Oct 
8, 1997- pgh 3)"

This is the another note saying the ABSDF is threatening to kill those 
of who distrbuting information. 
How do you feel after you read this?

         ">When you 
          >say the news will not be reliable without saying the source 
exactly, do 
          >you think about those factors too.  I can't provide security 
for them 
          >and so I can't tell their names.  You will not even think to 
provide the 
          >security.  When ABSDF and all news groups sending out 
information under 
          >that circumfrence, that doesn't mean blackmail at all.  
Please make sure 
          >you know what you are saying.  I feel cold in my backbone 
when asked to 
          >identify the source. (Oct 9, 1997 - line 7)"

I'm not a blind supporter to the ABSDF. I never hesitate to criticise 
them. But I never pour honey on the knife and stab the back.  This is a 
very clear plot --showing a good reason to which no one can argue and 
attack the organization.  Then it was followed by supporting messages 
with different names. I hope you can understand what I mean. I don't 
have to go for personal attack. He is not my rival. I'm not going to the 
political arena. I don't want my name to be well-known to do politics. 

Aung Kyaw

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