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deceitful Nyein Chan (a) ??? (r)

Ko Myo Thant,

Thanks for your points. I have to say first that I'm not holding any 
position of ABSDF but I'm assumming myself as a part of the ABSDF. Not 
only me there are many of students mark themselve as a part of the ABSDF 
in the third countries. 

I lived in the ABSDF long enough to understand what is the struggle. 
Those of students who shared difficulty and hardship to build the ABSDF 
from undisplined pieces and cracks in 1988 to such a stage, have sense 
to defend the mother organization. There are still many of studnets who 
do not have access to the net and can't raise their voice because of 
launguse disability.

I pointed out what Nyein Chan did in my previous massages. He started 
saying 200 students surrendered and 70 students went to apply refugees 
in the southern camp. To know it was right or wrong was easy. Just make 
a call to the border if you really want to know. They are misleading 
information. He knew lots of ethnic minority applied the UNHCR under the 
ABSDF name because of the possible rejection from the UNHCR.

Then he keep saying in the ABSDF, the students who criticize the leaders 
are threatened to death. Those things written in his previous messages. 
I was the one who pointed out finger and criticized at any Centeral 
committee member who did unapproately if I thought, in moning roll call 
and in weekly discussion. This was what we experienced.

I told already that the ABSDF leaders had the mistakes. But I do 
appreciate what those current leaders and the grass-roots struggling on 
the border for the movement while I left the struggle to build my own 
life (even though there are different views). I support to them as much 
as I can but I never take credit.

If Nyein Chan (a) Kyaw Za Ya really wants to see those organizations to 
improve, he doesn't have to write those things on the net with different 
names. He can write directly to those organizations. What is his 
intention? Ok. You read his first message about the ABSDF. What was the 
sense? You will definitely feel the bad image of the ABSDF. You woun't 
see what those people are paying off in the jungle.

I started writing those things since his first attack to the ABSDF. Now 
we've passed through 9 years, we know what is the motive and intention 
of writing this message.

Then he dosen't stop and keeps doing it. What the point of writing a 
message and supporting this message with the different names. Is it 
contributing benefit for the movement?  No, it's not. It is just trying 
to black out the image of theose organizations. I think I should reveal 
this so that people can jude what is his motive, with their own views.

If you feel unconfortable with the NCGUB or the ABSDF leaders, you might 
feel that is a right muckcracker. But you won't feel the same, if you 
had the experience of pain while trying to maintain the struggle and can 
considerate this sufferring of those who are in the jungle.

Since a student trying to achieve democracy, I accept the freedom of 
ideas and views. But whenever there is something effects the right mood 
of the struggle, I'll stand for it as much as I can.


aung kyaw

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>Ko Aung Kyaw:
>I don't know why you are so proud of doing this sniffing job.
>I was impressed by your first appearance on the net some times ago.
>But this act tastes too bad.
>It seems that you are embracing the SLORC cullture of "character
>assassination" or "backstabbing." You are rather attacking the person 
>Nyein Chan not his ideas.
>You might be right or wong in guessing who the hell this Nyein Chan is. 
>Do I sound defending Nyein Chan? No. I am defending his idea and act.
>I support Daw Aung San Suu Kyi because of her ideas and activities.
>I don't care who she or her husband is. I really don't care. What I 
care is
>her words that carry the ideas which I value and regard as my beliefs.
>If you are speaking the same ideas and acting accordingly, I will 
>you too.
>But you are following what DDSI is doing against the Military 
>potential rival civilian politicians.
>You are close or even holding a certain top-job in the ABSDF.
>Did Nyein Chan attack ABSDF in his reports? I didn't see one. If so, 
>share one with us so that we could analyze why he did that. Let's first
>examine together whether he did it for the revolutionary interest, 
>interest, organizational interest or personal interest.
>If his ideas and actions are against national interest, we will bury 
>together. But if they stand for national interest, we have to defend 
>and face the threats posed by reactionary groups, however powerful they
>might be.
>I just don't understand why you are trying to bury a pen, which is
>obviously advocating for our cause, democracy and human rights.
>I know you are a patriotic student and of young and hot-blooded 
>Please don't grow up with Ne Win's culture, my brother.
>This is my humble and fraternal request.
>Myo Thant

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