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About NGOs!

Hi Ko Luhla,
	First of all, I have very good relationship with almost everyone
and if I was a bad guy who had bad relationship with everyone, I wouldn't
be hired to work in an NGO. They don't nurture me to serve for them.  I
won't be an idiot to be like that.
	Your view on NGOs should be reconsidered.  They may have some
intention for themselves but at least they have been helping the
refugees, the students, and the Burmese democracy movements one way or
another.  At least they have been helping on humantarian ground.  
	Almost all groups and almost all people on the border have to
relate with NGOs.  We must recognize what they help our people, the
refugees, and what they help to the groups.  Some people from NGOs stuck
in our movement and are doing like their obligation.  We should recognize
all who do good for our country.  
	Though some NGOs didn't take credit for some of the campaigns and
fights like (UNHCR's rejection on allmost all refugees, SDC students'
case, refugee protection, US sanction on Burma), they have done and they
have been doing to help our movement.  What I respect most about them is
they do all they can but they don't claim credit as we do.  
	I will not be able to finish if I have to write down what they
have done     and what they have been doing.  We shouldn't discourage them
our careless mouth.  We should recognize their help to us and we all
should mutually work with the NGOs.  Sorry that I don't mention the name
of the NGos working for Burma because Burmese military intelligence can
read all of our messages. 
	You may think I am defending NGOs for me and my group's interest.
We, PDF is the group which gets less support from NGOs among others and we
mostly rely on ourselves.  Some of us work to earn money for the group and
we rely on ourselves mostly.  But, we do get some huantarian help from
them.  We don't feel discouraged for getting less but we feel thank and we
recognize all their help and what they are doing.
I wish you should understand their stance. 

Kyaw Zay Ya	

On 1 Dec 1997 luhla@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Kyaw Za Ya,
> You are also not different from Mg Mg Than. After Aba U Sein Mya died, 
> you left you troops in the jungle and fleed to Bangkok. You tried to 
> escape yourself in the crisis. And you worked in JRS. JRS is also NGO. 
> You also received money from NGO and worked for them. 
> Before you criticized the others, try to see yourself who you are. You 
> get paied by the NGO for your effort to report the NGOs what Burmese are 
> doing. Those NGOs breed the students who never get along with the 
> others, like you, for their information collectors. How many time did 
> you talk with the student organizations in Bangkok to launch the 
> campaigns for the refugees and the students in SDC? How many time did 
> you participate in the campaigns, demonstrations and ceromanies for the 
> movements during your stay in Bangkok?
> Please know yourself before pointing out others.
> Truth is the truth.
> lulay 
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Kyaw Zay Ya
Indiana University