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Letter to Thai PM from Burmese Prod

 Date  1st December 1997

Honorable  Prime Minster,
Government of Thailand

The united pro-democracy activists of Burma, in India

Honorable Prime Minister,

 It is well known fact that here are hundreds of pro-democracy activists
of Burma in Thailand, who are waging their non-violent movement against
the dictatorial military regime of Burma.

It is most sorrowful and heart-breaking that the border security forces
and police forces of Thailand often use to arrest them as illegal
immigrants and harsh them.
Similar incident happened on November 24 of this year when 17 members of
such political activists were arrested at Sankharaburi and other bulk of
28 members were haunted and arrested in the same area.

It is also well known fact that these personalities fled from Burma to
escape the oppression and torture of military junta and had taken refuge
or shelter in Thailand.
We are thankful to Thai people and Government which have given shelter
to our nonviolent democracy struggler brethren of Burma, but at the same
time we urge the Thai Government to stop harassment being given to them
by Thai police and other authorities,who often arrest them and penalize

Such act of Thai authorities can affect the good relations between Thai
and Burmese people that it is a subject of concern to all democratic
nations,that the such people should be granted a safe-haven and it is
most essential thing to see that such people should not fall in the
hands of  military regime of Burma,otherwise there is for certain danger
of their lives.

Honorable Prime Minister, we firmly hope that our request to you will
meet your kind consideration and prompt needful actions.

Thinking you in anticipation.

We are

Sincerely yours,

NLD(LA)     National League for Democracy
ABSDF        All Burma Student's Democratic Front
ABSL          All Burma Students League
ABYMU       All Burma Young Monks Union
CSU             Chin Students Union
DPNS           Democratic Party for New Society
FTUB(WB)   Federation of Trades Union, Burma(West Burma)
WRWAB      Women Rights and Welfare Association of Burma