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Press Release(Washington DC demonst (r)

Dear all,
	I got an information last night that those 20 dissidents arrested
in Sangkhlaburi were sent to a court in Tohngphaphung near Sangkhlaburon 
first December 1997, and they were charged with illegal entry into
Thailand.  The source said they wouldn't be deported to Burma and they
would be released soon in Sangkhlaburi.  It was the last information I got
about them. 
Thank for all of your help and cooperation.  

On 1 Dec 1997 Dbsousa@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Demonstration In Washington DC (Press Release)
> A demonstration organized by the Democratic Burmese Students, the Committee
> for Restoration of Democracy in Burma, and Burmese students activists, was
> held in front of the Thai embassy in Washington, DC on November 28, 1997. The
> demonstration was to protest, the Royal Thai government's (particularly the
> Royal Thai Army's) maltreatment of Karen refugees and Burmese dissidents in
> Thailand. We strongly believe, those actions are a part of a campaign by the
> Royal Thai Army to oppress the Burmese democracy movement in Thailand.
>  U Bo Hla Tint, a minister of the National Coalition Government of the Union
> of Burma gave a speech on behalf the NCGUB. U Tin Maung Thaw from the
> Committee for Restoration of Democracy in Burma, Min Zaw Oo from the All
> Burma Students Democratic Front, Ko Roland from the Chin Youth Organization,
> Burmese students activists and members of DBSO gave speeches. Burmese
> students activists from Indiana, New York, New Hampshire and Delaware also
> attended the demonstration. Statements from DBSO and CRDB were hand delivered
> to the Thai embassy. A spokesperson from the Royal Thai embassy told us that
> he will deliver our message to the Royal Thai government and that they are
> also investigating the killing of Karen refugees. 
> Reporters from Voice of America and Radio Free Asia witnessed the
> demonstration.
> (Here is the name and the number of the spokesperson the Thai embassy for
> follow up information. Please contact that person and express your concern.)
> Nitya Pibulsonggram (Secretary)
> Royal Thai Embassy
> Tel. 202-944-3600
> Fax. 202-298-4782
> This is a copy of statement we faxed to the US, Canadian, Australia, and
> Norwegian embassies in Bangkok, Thailand. 
> Embassy of the United States of America
> Bangkok, Thailand
> Mr Ambassador 						Date. November 28, 1997
> We, members of the Democratic Burmese Students Organization(USA) request your
> attention to the fate of 20 Burmese democracy activists who were arrested in
> Sangkhlaburi on November 24, 1997 by the Royal Thai Army. Those activists are
> members of  the National League for Democracy(Liberated Area), People Defense
> Force, Democratic Party for New Society, All Burma Students Democratic Front
> and MDUF. 
> Those students have been living in that area since 1988 peacefully and all of
> a sudden they are going to be charged with illegal entry which makes the
> whole event really absurd. They have not done any harm to the local Thai
> community or broken any Thai laws. The only crime, accused by the Thai Army,
> is they are freedom fighters and pro-democracy activists. There are enough
> evidences such as presence of the Burmese Military Intelligence agents during
> their arrest and visits from the Burmese MIS officers, to conclude that the
> arrest was an orchestrated  event planned in advance by the Royal Thai Army
> and the Burmese Army. So, we are very much worried about the safety of those
> activists. We also believe that the arrest and killing of Karen refugees are
> part of a campaign by the Thai government particularly the Royal Thai Army to
> oppress the Burmese democracy movement in Thailand in order to please the
> Burmese military regime.
> We would like to request you to bring up the issue of the arrested Burmese
> democracy activists to the Royal Thai government to ensure their safety and
> immediate release. We would also like you to use influence in your hand to
> persuade the Royal Thai government to abandon the policy of suppression
> towards the Burmese dissidents in Thailand.
> We thank you for your support for our struggle for freedom and justice in
> Burma.
> Democratic Burmese Students Organization (United States of America)
> Here is a copy of statement we delivered to the Thai embassy.
> The Embassy of the Royal Thai Government
> 1024 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W
> Washington DC 20007
> Your Excellency,					                 Date. November 28, 1997
> We, members of the Democratic Burmese Students Organization (USA) and Burmese
> students activists protest the Royal Thai Government?s action against Karen
> refugees and the Burmese dissidents in Thailand, particularly their systemic
> maltreatment at the hands of the Royal Thai Army. Forced repatriation, and
> killing of Karen refugees including the recent killing of a 10 month old
> baby, the torture of many people and the arrest of 20 Burmese dissidents in
> Sangkhlaburi are believed to be a part of the Thai Army?s campaign to oppress
> Burmese dissidents in Thailand. 
> We have hoped the newly formed Thai democratic government would not give in
> the demands of the Burmese military regime, and instead stand by its
> principles to respect basic human rights and take steps to foster the
> development of free societies in the region. We are very discouraged by these
> recent events and the Royal Thai Army?s maltreatment of Karen refugees and
> Burmese dissidents. Evidence clearly shows that the Royal Thai Army is acting
> in the interest of the Burmese regime by helping the Burmese junta annihilate
> its democratic opposition. It is our hope that the new Thai democratic
> government will help restore the freedom and democracy in Burma and value the
> long term relationship between the citizens of the two countries.
> The Burmese military junta, State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), has
> even stepped up its oppression after joining ASEAN. We would also like to
> remind you that SPDC, known as one of the most cruel regimes also provides a
> safe haven for drug warlords who are flooding Thailand with drugs. Giving
> into the demands of the Burmese military junta will not halt the inflow of
> drugs, but fulfill its goal to annihilate its democratic opposition, and
> encourage its further aggression. Amnesty International and the United
> Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has issued statements and expressed
> their deep concern regarding the safety of refugees.
> We would like to appeal the Royal Thai Government to:
> 1.  stop the policy of oppression against Burmese refugees and dissidents
> 2.  stop the forced repatriation of refugees on the Thai-Burma border 
> 3.  conduct a thorough investigation of the killing of Karen refugees and to
> bring justice
> 4.  take steps to prevent similar tragic  incidents
> 5.  guarantee the safety of detained activists
> 6.  release the dissidents as soon as possible 
>  Burmese Student Activists
> Democratic Burmese Students Organization (USA)

Kyaw Zay Ya
Indiana University