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you are also the same!

Kyaw Za Ya,

You are also not different from Mg Mg Than. After Aba U Sein Mya died, 
you left you troops in the jungle and fleed to Bangkok. You tried to 
escape yourself in the crisis. And you worked in JRS. JRS is also NGO. 
You also received money from NGO and worked for them. 
Before you criticized the others, try to see yourself who you are. You 
get paied by the NGO for your effort to report the NGOs what Burmese are 
doing. Those NGOs breed the students who never get along with the 
others, like you, for their information collectors. How many time did 
you talk with the student organizations in Bangkok to launch the 
campaigns for the refugees and the students in SDC? How many time did 
you participate in the campaigns, demonstrations and ceromanies for the 
movements during your stay in Bangkok?

Please know yourself before pointing out others.
Truth is the truth.


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