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Your Mail about the cities rating i

Hi Ko Maung Maung Than,
	First of all, I don't have fish-seller mouth and I don't like
those kind of argument.  Even though, I am using a JUNO account, I have
to pay every second that I use.  I am not using any money from any
organization but I spend all those bill from my earned salary.  
	Secondly, Don't you see Rangoon in the list?  I think we should
learn that too.  I sometimes sent news not directly related to Burma but
indirectly related to its cause.  We shouldn't close our eyes only in our
cause and we should open our eyes to observe other situations and learn
from other movements too.  
	Thirdly, I have never seen you post OKKAR and OWNER BURMA to stop
posting.  What is your attitude toward democracy movement.  Everyone in
Thai side knows you Ko Maung Maung Than.  And, no one forgets what you
have done.  Anyway, I don't want to involve in any fight with anyone.  
	I spend my money for what I am doing.  I don't go do politics
only when someone gives money.  
	I don't mind you post on the net but I think it is funny that you
complained about the bill for the messages and you don't think about the
bill for other people who got your message too.  I send news that are not
on the net and I don't repeat the already appeared news.  
	I don't name anyone as anything because only fish-sellers do.  
I am also wondering about an e-mail came from my account about GN 32
president going to Australia.  I really didn't send that e-mail and I
noticed that someone who is using JUNO account sneaked into mine and sent
it with my e-mail.  I am finding out and would do something when I know
who he or she is.   I have been asking the JUNO company about the sneaker
and they are following that too.  
	I know GN32 but from outside.  I know Steve and I know the
situation.  But, I even don't remember who is the president of GN 32.  I
don't write what I don't know.  I will find out who sneaked in and then
will let all know who did it.  I think it will not be difficult.  If
anyone who still have that messsage, please forward me.  It didn't come
into my account.

Nyein Chan

Maung Maung Than wrote- 
 Dear Nyeinchan,
        Posting like this and most of yours are the worst kind.They made
points whatsoever. I call you , a spammer, in the Burmanet.Most of
Burmanetters read daily news papers and various periodicals. We know 
is going on around the world. Don,t bother posting spams! If you cannot
a legitimate point, don,t do that again.
    I can post just about anything not directly related to Burma, I only
need to copy and paste from media sites . Not a big deal. If you ,
is in the process of soul-searching , eagar to learn about everything
    Do not think your rubbish cost nothing. They cost our PC' memory,
energy, money ( I don't use Juno at public access so I have to pay for
downloading your spams)
 What make me sick of you is that you are not posting huge amount of text
only gossip like  GN 32 presedent is goint to Autralia,  So what?  Give
me a
brake, mate!
    This is the last warning that you should behave yourself during your
stay in the Burmanet.
If you don't want to listen to this. Take off your mask and Get In The

Maung Maung Than
Phone & Fax 612 97378637