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DVB Web Page Announcement (r)

Dear Thida,

Congratulations on getting on-line with audio.

It just so happens that I am wearing my DVB vest this morning. It has 
been worn often, and every time, I remember my friends in Oslo.

Merry Christmas to All and a Happy New Year.  Bob

> Date:          22 Dec 1997 14:47:26
> Reply-to:      Conference "reg.burma" <burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> From:          euburma@xxxxxxxxx
> Subject:       DVB Web Page Announcement
> To:            Recipients of burmanet-l <burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> Web Page Announcement
> We are pleased to inform you that you can now tune into DVB's program at
> our DVB's Web page - http://www.communique.no/dvb.  Our daily broadcast is
> uploaded shortly after it is broadcast. You can retrieve all our programs
> for the previous two weeks.
> Minimum requirements are Realaudio Player Version 2.0 (Latest Version is
> 5), 386 computer, 8 bit soundcard and speaker.  We are sorry to say that
> Internet Explorer users cannot tune into our program for the time being. We
> hope to solve this problem in the near future.  You can download Realaudio
> player version 5.0 from http://www.realaudio.com for free.   
> The Democratic Voice of Burma, based in Oslo, Norway, started daily
> broadcast to Burma from 19th July 1992.  The radio license is an
> independent media agency of the National Coalition Government of Union of
> Burma (NCGUB).  The DVB aims to promote democracy in Burma by non-violence
> means.
> Democratic Voice of Burma
> Oslo, Norway
> 23rd December 1997
> Thin Myat Thu(Thida)
> Coordinator				
> DVB Web Page				Tel: + 47-22-41 41 43	
> Democratic Voice of Burma		Fax: + 47-22-36 25 25 (Att: Thida)	
> 		Visit DVB Web Page :  <http://www.communique.no/dvb/>
> 		       Comments to :  euburma@xxxxxxxxx
Robert L. Helvey
Fax: (304)744-9093
Email: rhelvey@xxxxxxxxxxx