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DVB Web Page Announcement

Web Page Announcement

We are pleased to inform you that you can now tune into DVB's program at
our DVB's Web page - http://www.communique.no/dvb.  Our daily broadcast is
uploaded shortly after it is broadcast. You can retrieve all our programs
for the previous two weeks.

Minimum requirements are Realaudio Player Version 2.0 (Latest Version is
5), 386 computer, 8 bit soundcard and speaker.  We are sorry to say that
Internet Explorer users cannot tune into our program for the time being. We
hope to solve this problem in the near future.  You can download Realaudio
player version 5.0 from http://www.realaudio.com for free.   

The Democratic Voice of Burma, based in Oslo, Norway, started daily
broadcast to Burma from 19th July 1992.  The radio license is an
independent media agency of the National Coalition Government of Union of
Burma (NCGUB).  The DVB aims to promote democracy in Burma by non-violence

Democratic Voice of Burma
Oslo, Norway
23rd December 1997

Thin Myat Thu(Thida)
DVB Web Page				Tel: + 47-22-41 41 43	
Democratic Voice of Burma		Fax: + 47-22-36 25 25 (Att: Thida)	

		Visit DVB Web Page :  <http://www.communique.no/dvb/>
		       Comments to :  euburma@xxxxxxxxx