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Inside Burma news

December 13

               From Inside Source:

SPDC troops has constructed a compound at ThinGanNyiNaung which is on road
between MyaWaDdi and KaukKaReik. The compound is a big one with tall fence
of barbed wire and minefield outside.

This compound is to be the detention compound for the Burmese people
repatriated from Thailand. 

SPDC is preparing to build a new KawKaReik- MyaWaDdi road and more than
20,000 people are needed to construct it. So, it is planned to use the
repatriated refugees from Thailand in that project as forced labourers
before they were allowed to go back home. 

It is learnt that they will be allowed back home only after the construction
is finished.

It is sure that most of them will not arrive back home alive.

In other areas along the Thai-Burma border also, it is learnt that SPDC is
preparing so called development projects to use the repatriated refugees as