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Statement regarding the attitude of NDF on the declaration of Amnesty order

December 4, 1997.

1. Every one known that SPDC has declared an Amnesty Order for political
prisoner on December 1, 1997.
2. It should be point out that the order did not include those prisoners who
had received imprisonment of 10 years below 10 years sentences. If SPDC is
really sincere and considerate towards all the prisoners, all prisoners
should be included in this order.
3. It is known that there are altogether 2000 political prisoners and most
of them are receiving imprisonment sentences of 10 years or below 10 years.
In addition to this, it is also known that there are many political
prisoners arrested by the regime's military intelligence are detained
without trial.
4. The inhuman treatment of the prisoners are widespread. They receive no
right for medical care, they are not allowed to see their families, many are
locked up in the underground dark cells for a long time, some prisoners are
sent to the battle fields as porters, some are forced to do hard labor in
detention camps and etc.
5. The NDF considers the Order declared by SPDC on 1st December, 1997 as a
cosmetic reformation, merely to deceive the international community and to
distract the messes of people from the general uprising.
6. Every one knows that actual situation in Burma is really serious and is
changing from bad to worse. Therefore the time is really up for SPDC to make
a genuine reform instead of this cosmetic change. As such, the NDF solemnly
urges SPDC that it is necessary to implement issue like, a nation wide
cease-fire, the unconditional release of all the political prisoners and the
implementation of the tripartite dialogue.

Central Executive Committee
National Democratic Front