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Inside news;

- It is learnt that, at the gate of two monestries in Mandalay (Ma-Soe-Yein
Tide-thit and Ma-Soe-Yein Tide-hong), authorities set up check-points for
each and monks of these two compounds must take permission from authorities
concerned to get out from their compounds.
  If monks are offered to come for meals by people in their houses, they
must also take permission and inform details of offerers.

-  Authorities do not issue the application forms of Sanghas' Exam to every
monestries and only to a few selected monestries. Especially, no monestry of
Pegu township are given.
  Each 6 monks together have to fill a form and apply it. If a monk does not
meet with the condition by authories, all of 6 monks on the same application
form will not be allowed to enter this exam, said a reliable source.

- On (23-11-97), at a dinner party holding for the 33rd anniversary of the
founding of Economy University, Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt admitted that the reason
the 1988 uprising occured was because of the country economic crisis and
difficult condition of people's survival. Politics always connect with the
economic situation in a country so that the current economic crisis may lead
to the political unstablity in Burma, said Secretary (1) of SPDC.