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To President (Green November 32)

Dear President,

I hope you are well and happy in your work. I saw some message in Burmanet
about GN 32. I am one of GN 32 member, my membership number is 88. I would
like to say, at present, you have quite responsibility for all of GN 32
activities. I didn't saw what is reply in Burmanet. I saw other reply as
like Zaw Zaw Tun and other peoples, who are some members and not. You know
very well, we, GN 32 member are tried to carried for our activities, started
from Manerplaw to?..?  

Dear President,

I would like to request you about GN 32 reunion, you should be call GN 32
conference, urgently. All members don't want GN 32 will dissolve, where I am
one. That is why, the first, your, board of directors must be call meeting
and than call an emergency conference. Everything I know, where your board
of directors staying, if you want to meet, you can any time. If you have
problems for your travelling, please sent email to Burmanet your bank
account number, I am sure, myself and other member urgently will sent for
your travelling cost.

Finally, would like say again, please call meeting of board of directors and
call conference, I will participate at that conference with my travelling

See you soon in conference,

Best wishes,

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