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Thailand to sign worldwide treaty t

Bangkok Post (29 November 1997)


Thailand to sign worldwide treaty to outlaw devices
The government has given approval for Thailand to sign a treaty calling
for a global ban on anti-personnel landmines, Foreign Minister Surin
Pitsuwan said yesterday.

Mr Surin said the plan received cabinet permission on Tuesday.

The deal makes Thailand part of the group of 100 countries due to sign an
agreement on Wednesday in Ottawa, in a ceremony to be presided over by
Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sukhumbhand Paribatra, who left for Canada and
the United States yesterday, will sign the convention on Thailand's
behalf, Mr Surin added.

As signatory to the pact, Thailand will prohibit the use, production,
transfer and stockpiling of the military device. The country has to
destroy existing stockpiles within four years and clear minefields within
10 years.

On the sidelines of the summit of the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation
forum in Vancouver last weekend, Prime Minister Chuan Leekpai reaffirmed
Thai support for the Canadian initiative during a meeting with Mr

Mr Chuan reiterated his desire to see mines cleared from Cambodia and the
Thai-Cambodian border, Mr Surin added.
 The Nation (29 November 1997)
Thailand to sign landmine ban

posted at 17:30 (Bangkok time) 

BANGKOK, Nov 29 -- Thailand has decided to sign a treaty banning
anti-personnel mines next week in Canada, Foreign Minister Surin Pitsuwan
announced Saturday. 

The government approved the decision on Tuesday, Surin said in the
Bangkok Post. 

About 100 countries will sign the treaty, negotiated in Oslo and to be
signed Wednesday in Ottawa. 

Countries that sign the treaty agree not to use, make, transfer or stock
anti-personnel mines. It also calls for them to destroy existing stocks
within four years and de-mine affected areas within 10 years. 

Among the countries most impacted by mines is Cambodia, particularly
along its border with Thailand where Khmer Rouge guerrillas still

Landmines kill or injure 26,000 people across the world every year.(AFP)