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U Mya Wai Released (r)

At 09:40 PM 11/27/97, you wrote:
>***** U MYA WAI RELEASED *****
>U Mya Wai, who had been detained by the Immigration authorities of Japan
>since 13 August because of lack of legal status, was released on 26
>November with a guarantee fee of 1500000 yen.
>After U Mya Wai was detained on 13 August, his lawyers filed a new
>application for refugee status (his first application having been
>rejected on 11 August), as well as two lawsuits (one asking for
>cancellation of denial of refugee status, the other asking for
>cancellation of execution of the order to repatriate to Burma)
>and an application for provisional release.
>On 7 November the Court gave a preliminary decision ordering the Immigration
>authorities not to repatriate U Mya Wai until the conclusion of the
>lawsuits. He remained detained, however, until 26 November when the
>Immigration authorities granted him provisional release.
>Thank you for your cooperation on this case!
>People's Forum on Burma/Lawyers' group for Burmese asylum seekers

Dear Japanese lawyers,
Thank you for helping helpless Burmese refugees. Whithout your help, Ko Mya
Wai would
>be in the infampus Insein Jail now. Thankinh you all.