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U Mya Wai Released

***** U MYA WAI RELEASED *****

U Mya Wai, who had been detained by the Immigration authorities of Japan
since 13 August because of lack of legal status, was released on 26
November with a guarantee fee of 1500000 yen.

After U Mya Wai was detained on 13 August, his lawyers filed a new
application for refugee status (his first application having been
rejected on 11 August), as well as two lawsuits (one asking for
cancellation of denial of refugee status, the other asking for
cancellation of execution of the order to repatriate to Burma)
and an application for provisional release.

On 7 November the Court gave a preliminary decision ordering the Immigration
authorities not to repatriate U Mya Wai until the conclusion of the
lawsuits. He remained detained, however, until 26 November when the
Immigration authorities granted him provisional release.

Thank you for your cooperation on this case!

People's Forum on Burma/Lawyers' group for Burmese asylum seekers