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Burma Opposition Accuse Government

 The Associated Press  

RANGOON, Burma (AP) - Burma's main opposition party accused the military
government today of a heightened campaign of persecution and harassment. 

The National League for Democracy cited in particular the transfer to distant
posts of civil servants related to party members. 

The military has ruled Burma for nine years, insisting all along that it
would one day establish civilian rule. But it recently hardened its stance
against pro-democracy leaders, particularly 1991 Nobel Peace Prize winner
Aung San Suu Kyi, the National League leader. 

Earlier this month, Burma's four top generals consolidated their power in the
form of new ruling council, promoting several younger leaders and pushing
rivals into mainly ceremonial posts. 

The National League accused the reshuffled government of a campaign to
disrupt the social, as well as political, activities of NLD members with the
``sole reason that such activities threatened peace and stability.'' 

Yet, the party said in a statement, ``there has been no instance where
community peace and stability were disrupted by such NLD activities.'' 

The party also accused the government of a policy of requiring party members
who want to become Buddhist monks to get permission from local authorities. 

The party said the policy amounts to violation of the United Nations Human
Rights Convention, to which Burma is a signatory. 

AP-NY-11-27-97 1119EST