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What does this really mean?  We would be grateful if anyone could explain
how the system really works!

>From New Light of Myanmar
Nov. 17, 1997

Minister explains three methods of paddy purchase

YANGON, 26 Nov-Minister for Commerce Maj-Gen Kyaw Than met Deputy Ministers 
Brig-Gen Myo Tint and Col Kyaw Shwe and members of Departmental Paddy Purchase 
Supervisory Committees and explained paddy purchase methods at the Ministry

The Minister said the Ministry has invited tenders for paddy purchase for the
benefit of farmers.  After consultations with merchants, millers and farmers in
different parts of the country, certain  tender rules have been revised, he
said, adding last date for the tenders has also been extended to  31 December.

 After discussing the requisites in paddy purchase method, the Minister said,
quality standards have  been re-set for the benefit of both parties-sellers and
buyers. He emphasized that bidders do not  have to pay commercial tax in paddy
purchase. At the same time, he said, representatives will be  sent to farmers
to purchase paddy from farmers at suitable market prices.

 He pointed, out that in addition to tender and representative methods, farmers
can sell the produce  directly. Both sellers and buyers can make transactions
out of free will, he said.

The three methods are to be applied in accordance with the market oriented
economic policy, in  the interest of farmers and national economic progress,
the Minister said.