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Sankharaburi News (r)

Dear all,
	Does anyone have Prime minister Chuan's phone number?  Please let
me know if someone has it.

On 26 Nov 1997 peace@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Dear all,
> We have heard about (20)activics who were arrested by Thai 9th Army Division
> & MI 5 in Sankha. And then, yesterday, we heard that they will be sent back
> to Burmese army, SLORC(SPDC). We are deeply concren about that news. And we
> should watch in carefully. We should try that is so call 20 persons to away
> from SLORC(SPDC) with what we can do. Pls: join us.
> Here below is Prime Minister Chuan Leekpai Email add:
>         govspkmn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Air mail ADD: as below
> PM Chuan Leekpai
> Office of the Prime Minister
> Government House
> Nakhan Pathom Rd.
> Bangkok, 10300,Thailand.