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news on sankhlaburi (r)

Dear all,
	The arrested people are not 17 but 20 including 2 people from ALP
(they were arrested at the same time in Mon side in Sangkhlaburi.).  I
called Sangkhlaburi yesterday and heard that the fate of the arrested
people is unknown.  The arrested people wrote a letter to some friends
outside and said that they may be sent back.  The fate is unclear yet but
I am afraid that Thai military will do it anyway to meet the agreement
with SLORC because SLORC has already released Thai prisoners.  Thai has to
return something.  I will post when I get a new.
Kyaw Zay Ya

On 25 Nov 1997 shweburma@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> According to reliable source in Sankhlaburi,
> Thai soldiers are searching for 3 activists from pro-democracy groups 
> who escaped from the arrest of Thai army when the arrest took place in 
> their offices. They are Ko Htoo Chit (PDF), Ko Naing Tun (DPNS) and Ko 
> Tin Soe Naung (ABSDF). Their future are also seriously concerned as 17 
> people who are now in the hands of Thai army.
> +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> Dear friends,
> Please take urgent action on this issue as much as you can by any 
> possible mean by urging to thai authorities to immediately stop their 
> action on pro-democracy activists.
> Thank in advance,
> Shweburma
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