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ONSOB & ABBESU Statement


Today is the 77th anniversary of Burmese National day. In 1920,
students in Burma demonstrated against the British colonial
government. It was the beginning of the students' role in the
politic struggling for independence in Burma.

We students of Burma have always played an important role in the
politics of Burma on behalf of the people. But sorrowfully, we
students have been suppressed under the military tyrants (BSPP,
SLORC and now SPDC) who oppress the people. At the same time, the
importance of the role of students to this day was omitted, even
calling the day of first students demonstration as National day.

Under these military dictators, human rights and
democracy are neglected and the life of the people are filled
with poverty. It is also a fact that people in Burma live in
constant fear of the regime. The following are some of the prime

1. UNEMPLOYMENT: Economy has being mismanaged by the military
dictators. As a result, unemployment has drastically increased
over the years. This has forced invaluable youth of the country
to leave for better jobs in neighboring nations, causing a steady
brain drain.

2. INFLATION: The inflation rate has reached more than 200 this
year which makes peoples' lives harder.

The military regime refuses to hand over power to the elected
representatives of the 1990 elections. Meanwhile, human rights
violations have continued unabated. 

5. Many people who were actively involved in the 1988 general
uprising for democracy were deprived of their land, house and
stripped of their properties while being forced to move out to
the outskirts of the cities and towns.

6. Many political activists were imprisoned, tortured and killed
by deliberate infection, especially with HIV.

7. Ethnic minorities have been discriminated and oppressed which
added more tension to the real problem instead of solving the
problem by peaceful political way. 

8. People were shamed and country's dignity were deteriorated by
supporting opium War Lord Khun Sa. The SPDC (formerly SLORC), are
even doing many joint-venture business with him. Therefore We
would like to ask SPDC (SLORC) to stop these thing if they really
and sincerely want people's interest and development and want
demand them to do following things.

     a. Co-operate with the NLD, including Daw Aung San Suu Kyi,
        and ethnic minorities for reconciliation and to restore   
        peace and democracy in Burma.
     b. Stop all human rights violations.

     c. Stop selling natural resources for self-interest, just    
        for the government.

     d. Release all political prisoners, including Min Ko Naing,
        immediately and unconditionally.