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news on arrested people in Sankhlab (r)

any pressure on thai army on this issue not to follow as demands of 
their counterparts, Slorc (SPDC), would be a great help for the arrested 
thank a lot for your efforts,

another news from thai intellegent source;
there is something in their agreement between thai army commander in 
chief, Gen Chetta and Lt Gen Khin Nyunt.
For the release of thai prisoners, thai army have to follow something 
the Slorc (SPDC) wants them to do as of their compromise between them.
But what the Slorc demands have not been known. It is sure that thai 
army have to fulfill something for their counterparts' satisfication.

>	We, about 5 or 6 from Indiana and 7 from Albany are going to join
>the demonstration but our biggest concern is whether or not Thai 
>works on that day.  If you can find out and let us know, that will be
>great and biggest help.
>KZY, Than Soe and others.
>On 24 Nov 1997 absdf102@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

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