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news on arrested people in Sankhlab (r)

shweburma@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> information about the situation of arrested people in Sankhlaburi
> ==================================================================
> According to my contact in Sankhlaburi, they were taken firstly unknown
> place and questioned, and then sent to police cell in Sankhlaburi.
> This morning, Corporal Zaw Win from MIs No.(5) of SLORC (SPDC) came to
> police station. But it has not been known what he discussed with Thai
> authorities.
> It is said that they might be sent back to Burmese Government.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> Dear friends,
> I feel worry about this situation.
> If anyone can do something for their safety,
> please urgently take action to help them from
> getting down into SLORC's hand.
> shweburma
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DBSO(USA) has a plan to hold a demonstration in front of the Thai 
embassy in Washington DC on Friday (Nov 28th). We are planning to 
deliver a protest letter regarding their arrest, to the Thai embassador. 
Also, we will send letters to US, Canada, Australia and another EU 
country embassies in Bangkok requesting them to look into that matter. I 
think it will be great if our friends around the world can do the same 

We will emphasize on the following facts
-not to transfer them to SLORC'shand ( such as releasing them at three 
pagoda pass)
-to release them immediately since they do no harm to Thailand
-if anything happened to them, Thai governemnt will have to take the 
full responsibility
-why SLORC MIS agents were there during the arrrest? Is it a 
collaboration between Thai and SLORC to supress Burmese democracy 


Democratic Burmese Students Organization (USA)

(For more informationr regarding the demonstration..plese contact