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NEWS-Myanmar People Urged to Streng

Myanmar People Urged to Strengthen National Unity


               YANGON (Nov. 24) XINHUA - Senior General Than
               Shwe today urged the Myanmar people to strength
               national spirit and consolidate national unity for the
               realization of national targets. 

               In his message on the occasion of the Myanmar
               National Day, Than Shwe, chairman of the State
               Peace and Development Council (SPDC), also
               called for uplifting of the national prestige and
               integrity, preservation and safeguarding of the
               cultural heritage and national characters and
               uplifting of dynamism of patriotic spirit. 

               He said, "Nowadays, neo-colonialists are directly or
               indirectly interfering in the internal affairs of
               sovereign nations through various means on the
               pretext of advocating democracy and human rights
               to help their lackeys seize power." 

               "The State Peace and Development Council,
               adopting non-disintegration of the union, national
               solidarity and perpetuation of sovereignty as
               national policy and laying down political, economic
               and social objectives, is building a modern, peaceful
               and prosperous state with added momentum," he

               "Simultaneously, it is also firmly establishing
               national reconsolidation which is essential in
               ensuring perpetuity of a new nation where
               democracy flourishes based on law and discipline,"
               he added. 

               Seventy-seven years ago in 1920, Myanmar
               university students launched an anti-colonialist
               movement, boycotting the Rangoon University Act
               put into effect by the then British colonial
               government which intended to prolong the colonial
               education system. The movement led to Myanmar's
               independence in 1948.