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NEWS - Albright Accuses Japan of Ex

Albright Accuses Japan of Extreme Export Offensive.


               TOKYO, November 23 (Itar-Tass) - U.S. Secretary
               of State Madeleine Albright accused Tokyo of
               pursuing a wrong policy in many areas, ranging from
               encouraging an export offensive to contacts with
               military regime of Myanmar. 

               She expressed concern at a meeting with Japanese
               Foreign Minister Keizo Obuchi in the Canadian city
               of Vancouver that a sharp rise in Japanese
               revenues in trade with the United States "has
               negative influence" on relations between the two

               Albright also pointed to the need for broader access
               of American companies to the Japanese market of
               civil planes. In this connection, the state secretary
               demanded that Tokyo should take further steps to
               boost domestic demand in the country and beat
               down, thereby, the attack on the U.S. market. 

               In October, Japan's balance of trade with the U.S.
               jumped up by 55 percent as against the
               corresponding month last year. 

               Obuchi promised to take efforts in this field, but did
               not promise rapid success. According to the
               Japanese minister, the growth in Japanese export
               to the United States is largely explained by the fact
               that the economic situation there improved, and
               Americans are now ready to buy more goods from

               Albright also expressed concern over Japan's
               economic cooperation with the military regime of
               Myanmar (Burma), which is accused by Washington
               of violating human rights. According to the state
               secretary, Tokyo sends, thereby, "a wrong signal"
               to that country, instead of promoting a dialogue
               between the authorities and the opposition there. 

               Obuchi explained in his reply that Japanese aid, for
               instance in modernising the airport in the Myanmar
               capital Yangwon was prompted by the need to
               ensure safety of flights. 

               He promised to think over the U.S. advice but
               ducked a specific obligation to cut economic
               contacts with that country in South East Asia.