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Video Release


"FACING THE FIRE" - A new video release.

Borderline Video has just produced a 25-minute documentary showing many of
the dramatic events suffered by Karen communities during the Burmese Army's
1997 dry season offensives, both in Karen State and along the Thai-Burma

This debut video by Borderline Video features events that drew responses of
international outrage, such as the forced repatriation of newly arrived
refugees back into the active war zone, and the Burmese Army-backed attacks
on refugee camps in Thailand.

It reports on the Burmese Military's depopulation policy in Karen State's
northern hills and the persecution of its shattered communities, and
portrays the refugee communities' attempts to maintain stability throughout
these traumatic times.

Filmed by the Karen themselves, the film bears witness to events throughout
the length of Karen State, and provides a powerful retrospective on what
has been the most desperate year in the Karen's long drawn-out struggle for
ethnic recognition within Burma.

The video is PAL formatted and in English.
Karen and Burmese language versions will be available in the near future.

To order a copy of the video, please send your payment to The Karen
Community Information Service by:

                1) Bank Credit Transfer.
                     Please transfer the applicable cost below to:
                        Account Name:   Karen Community Information Service
                        Account Number: 212-2-27803-7
                        Bank Name:      The Thai Farmers Bank
                        Branch:         Mae Sot, Tak Province 63110, Thailand
                     and inform us in writing of your order and postal address;

                2) Crossed Cheque.
                     Please make a crossed cheque payable to:
                     "Karen Community Information Service"
                     for the applicable cost below PLUS US$10.00 TO COVER
                     CLEARANCE FEES, and send it together with your order to:
                        The Karen Community Information Service
                        P.O.Box 44
                        Mae Sot
                        Tak 63110

Costs per video: - within Thailand ... US$ 8.00 / 320 baht (including postage)
                 - outside Thailand .. US$17.00 / 680 baht (including postage)

All payments received will be confirmed in writing.
Delivery will be made within two weeks of payment clearance.

For further details about the video or our other work, please contact us at:

The Karen Community Information Service
P.O.Box 44
Mae Sot
Tak 63110
e-mail: win6@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

or at:

Borderline Video
P.O.Box 21
Srinakharinwirot Post Office
Bangkok 10117
e-mail: cfisher@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The video is copyrighted by Borderline Video, and its purchase constitutes
acceptance of the condition that the video cannot be resold or used for
commercial purposes without the prior expressed permission of Borderline