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Hundreds gathers at home of Burma's


          More than 350 people have crowded into the residential
          compound of Burma's Opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi,
          to hear her vow to continue the struggle for democracy.

          As Ginny Stein reports, the country's military government
          had given permission for 200 people to attend national day
          celebrations at her home in the capital, Rangoon.

          Military police in riot gear turned people away once the
          compound was full. They gathered to mark National Day --
          the anniversary of Burma's independence movement. Noble
          laureate Aung San Suu Kyi spoke of the need to continue the
          struggle. She made no mention of changes within Burma's
          ruling military council, which disbanded a week ago to
          reform under another name. In the shake up, a number of
          ministers lost their posts in what foreign diplomats said
          was a crackdown on corruption within the military's ranks.
          While there's been no official comment, sources in Burma
          say it's believed four former ministers are under
          investigation and house arrest.

	  [ABC News, 25 Nov 1997]