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Demonstration in India.

At 11 a.m. in New Delhi today, about 70 Burmese pro-democracy activists in
India staged a demonstration against Thai Government for its brutal
treatment over Karen refugees who had fled to Thailand to escape Burmese
army's brutal offensive against Karen arm-resistance group. The protesters
marched around with placards in their hands and shouted slogans in protest
of Thai government's brutal acts and illegitimate government of Burma.
They also went to Thai embassy and handed a memorandum to Ambassador of
Thai embassy. The demonstration ended at about 12:30. The memorandum

The Ambassador 
Embassy of Thailand
New Delhi-110021
On 15 November 1997, five Karen refugee, who are taking refuge in Thay Pu
Law Sue refugee camp in Thailand, were shot dead by the Thai Army.
We strongly believe that a nation, which has respect for humanity and
integrity, has obligation to protect refugees who fled to other country
due to intolerable suffering and suppression at home.
In order to escape from atrocities such as torture, force labor, killing,
rape and portery at the hand of Burma junta, about 115,000 refugees from
Burma have been taking refuge in Thailand.
The root of this refugee problem is lying with Burma's illegal regime, not
with refugees. This problem can not be solved without removing this root.
Helping Burma establish democracy is an only solution to this problem.
At the time of distress, people of Burma have a great hope for the support
from Thailand which they consider a good neighbor.
We strongly hope that the Government of Thailand would take effective
measure to stop these gruesome incidents and extend warm protection to the
Burmese refugees on humanitarian ground.
We strongly demand the Government of Thailand:
1. To take effective measure to ensure that such brutal killing will not
recur in future,
2. To take strong action against people who are responsible for killing
refugees in question,
3. To extend warm support and protection to the Burmese refugees taking
refuge in Thailand, and
4. To denounce illegitimate government of Burma that creates these refugee
problems and regional instability.
United Burmese Pro-democracy Activists in India.
Burma Info. 
New Delhi.