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Green Nov. 32 Dead or Alive?

Dear Free Speech Believers,
       GN 32 was ( is) a effective organisation in its hey day. People still use
their valuable reports ( Myayadana)  on the environmental crisis at the border area.
Then , what happened was something to be examined by all of us concern. Was it corruption
or or red tape or unreliable co-operation among the participants. Burmese democracy
moment is weak , weak and weak because  there is no such a thing as effetive co-ordination.Domination
over the entire movement by a party or a coalition of parties is what we are doing.Sometime
for funding sometime for power.People are sick of it. Let me ask a question to all
of you who are pro- democracy- believer of free speech.
  why any major party or organisation are not working toward an effective united
co-ordiantion that will fight the ruthless regime in Rangoon?

Thanks to all.
Fighting Peacock.                             

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