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Whare is the Green November 32? (r)

Hellow Ko Zaw Zaw Htun,

This is K-Myo Minn Aung, I saw your message about GN 32. Almost I agree your
message. Actually I don't want to say anything about GN 32 via net, but when
I read your message I saw "after not having income any more, we could not
have paid salaries so that most of staffs left for their self-interest".
This is very bed for me. You know, I am working in GN 32 since 1991 up to
now, actuall end of December, 96. But still have working, you know, last two
days ago I got e-mail from Haroon via Brenda, about account, what is ? I
don't want to explain via the net, please understand to me. I would like to
clarified you say "self-interest", I think, I am not working for my
self-interest. I have very bad felling about it. I don't know who are worked
in GN 32 for their self-interest. I would like to say please don't say we,
GN 32 staff, worked for their self-interest. I have no grantee 100% for
other staff, but I am not only worked one of staff of GN 32 but also worked
one of key mwmber of GN 32.

Thank you and Be Happy!


At 06:47 PM 11/22/97, you wrote:
>Dear friend,
>Thank for your message and consideration for the future of ours.
>Among the GN-32 members, most have their mother units or organizations and
>they are voluntarily working for GN-32, except its staffs.
>Let me explain a bit of current situation.
>The financial suppport of HBF have been stopped since April 1997 according
>to a contract which started 3 years ago. As like an NGO, the GN-32 can not
>stand itself and its office will be no longer without financial assistance.
>But the present Board of Directors are trying to find funding.
>I, as one of responsible persons, go and take care of office at least once a
>month but I can admit that I can not take full time work for GN-32.
>Once we could pay our staffs regular salaries but, after not having income
>any more, we could not have paid salaries so that most of staffs left for
>their self-interest.
>Now, one of our staffs, Khaing Yan Naing and another one volunteer staff are
>taking care and keeping our office and things.
>At present, we are looking forward to getting fund to restart our works and
>we are trying our best.
>But, even we all of GN-32 members wish ours to be the best and continue
>carring it for future, only a person or a few people can not do and every
>members are requested to take consideration and participate practically for
>our GN-32.
>>Some of members, who are want to carry GN 32 work plan, 
>>sent a letter to board of directors, for reunion but
>>no response.
>I have not received and read any such letter which you said.
>If possible, please send it to me again.
>I can say that I will try my best as much as possible for the image of GN-32.
>If any further information, please contact me directly or other members of
>Board of Directors.
>May I request one thing from you that " Who are you? "
>Thank a lot,
>Zaw Zaw Htun
>a member of Board of Directors