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Whare is the Green November 32? (r)

Dear Friend,

nThank you very much for your cooperation. I am ome of GN 32 member, at
present I don't want to say who I am. Now, I can say only, I am out of
Thailand.  Because of, I heard GN 32 have a lot of problems within internal
or exteranal. For the time beeing I don't want reply for you, that is why, I
should be heard another responsible persons of GN 32. Thank you very much
for you, Zaw Azw Htun, a members, board of Directors of GN-32, also I known
him whin I stayed in Manerplaw during 1992 or 93, I heard now, he is a
Treasurer of GN 32. If possible I would like to heard their voices anothers
Board of directors and members of GN 32's. 

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Revolutionary Greeting,