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Whare is the Green November 32? (r)

	It is very frustrating to learn what happened to the Green
November 32 at the time of ultimate needs for preserving of Burma's
natural environment which has been destroyed by all parties.  I was not a
member of the group because it recruited only top leaders of the groups
on the border.  However, I was very happy for the appearance of the group
and hoped that it could at least educate the members of it about the
value of the preservation of the natural environment, the importance of
the biodiversity, and vital role of balance within the community,
economic development and the natural environment.  
	However, I was very sad that most of the organizations joined the
group with the hope of extortion of the large fund to their organizations
and of showing off their involvement  no matter whether or not they
strongly believe in the issue ( instead of being involved with real deep
concerns and real efforts, as usual to join all groups and take all
possible positions).  As a result, any of the top members even didn't
affort to stop careless logging and to protect the endangered species
since they, themselves didn't recognize the danger of the destruction of
biodiversity and the loss of environmental balance.  (Here I have to say
that the people on the border need to rely on the hunting for their fresh
foods since they can't afford to buy those. But sometimes, people hunt
for commercial purpose -- like hunting tigers, rhinos). 	Though I
was sad, I was not amazed at all that it came out that way because it was
very ovbiously predictable.  If we really concern about our future
environmental conservation, we should work out with real intention to
save the destroyed environment but not for any other individual or
organizational appearance or look good or not any hope to extort funds.  
I think that first thing we need to do is to educate ourselves first
about the issue in deep concept and then educate all people to understand
the importance of the issue and to bring their participation in the
	One question arises in my mind.  Most people and organizations on
the border think that the goodness of own organization is the first
priority to do best for the struggle.  Does it really prove true?  Since
we prioritize much first on our own organizations, the cooperation and
collaboration among us become less and forgotten (no one will admit
thought).  Even within our organizations, have we gain strength in all
aspect?   No.  We become weak day by day and the cooperative form of all
become weak as well. 
	Let's stick on the environmental issue first, we should really be
thinking and learning about the issue and work out from what we have
learnt while we are learning.   We all need to sincere to do that issue
and we all need to have real intention to do so.  Just publishing about
SLORC loggings, and the destruction of the environment will not be enough
and it will just be a publication but nothing else if we ourselves don't
practise and ignore about ourselves' destructions.
Hope that we can work out soon.
Nyein Chan   	    

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Date: 21 Nov 1997 19:17:24
Subject: Whare is the Green November 32?
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Hi! Green November 32 members,

I would like to announce about GN 32. I am a member of GN 32, I heard,
GN 32 is almost disappear, some of equipments were lost, some equipment
used for their organizations <close with board of directors>. And then
of board of directors didn't care to the office, board president is
as a staff in one organization. So, finally, GN 32 has been dissolved by
board of directors.

The first time <last a coulp of year> most of peoples want to particate
the GN 32 because of get a lot of money.Some of members, who are want to
carry GN 32 work plan, sent a letter to board of directors, for reunion
no response.

If some members see this message, please reply what should be doing for
GN 32 reunion.

Revolutionary greeting,