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Whare is the Green November 32?

Hi! Green November 32 members,

I would like to announce about GN 32. I am a member of GN 32, I heard, now,
GN 32 is almost disappear, some of equipments were lost, some equipment were
used for their organizations <close with board of directors>. And then all
of board of directors didn't care to the office, board president is working
as a staff in one organization. So, finally, GN 32 has been dissolved by the
board of directors.

The first time <last a coulp of year> most of peoples want to particate in
the GN 32 because of get a lot of money.Some of members, who are want to
carry GN 32 work plan, sent a letter to board of directors, for reunion but
no response.

If some members see this message, please reply what should be doing for our
GN 32 reunion.

Revolutionary greeting,