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NEWS ALERT - Thai Firm Plans Huge I

Thai Firm Plans Huge Investment in Myanmar


               BANGKOK (Nov. 21) XINHUA - Thailand's
               Kanchanaburi-tavoy Development LTD (KTD) plans
               to form joint ventures with the Kln group of Myanmar
               to invest billions of U.S. dollars in 12 projects in
               Myanmar, according to KTD President Patana

               KTD was formed by Krungthai Tractor LTD and
               members of the Federation of Thai Industries in
               western Thailand's province of Kanchanaburi. 

               The first one involves a 110-kilometre, 40 million
               U.S. dollars tollway project to connect Tavoy in
               Myanmar to Kanchanaburi border of Thailand,
               according to local press reports today. 

               The tollway will allow Thailand to have an alternate
               access from the Malacca peninsula for exporting
               goods to east Asian markets. Patana was quoted
               today by local press as saying. 

               Other projects include a sugar mill and sugar cane
               plantation, a deep-sea port and an oil pipeline. All
               the projects will be situated along the tollway,
               Patana said.