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JAIL SENTENCE in Indonesia (r)

Hi Ko Tun Myint,
	Thank for the warning.  I sent that messages (even though they
were not directly related to Burma) because I want people to know that
some Asian countries are repressive like Burma too and other people are
also struggling for their freedom.  I think they are good to learn and we
can take at least something from their movements.  
	On the other hand, I have seen many messages that you sent, which
are not related to Burma at all.  I hope that you understand why I am
sending those and hope that those will not disturb you.
Nyein Chan

On Sat, 22 Nov 1997 11:59:29 -0500 (EST) TUN MYINT <tmyint@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Dear Ko Nyein Chan:
>I would like to request your corporation not to post news that are not
>related to Burma.  The reason is not to overlap news and flood 
>mail boxes.  I appreciate your intention wanting to inform fellow
>Thanks in advance for your corporation.
>Tun Myint
>On Sat, 22 Nov 1997, Nyein Chan wrote:
>> The Straits Times (22 November 1997)
>> JAIL SENTENCE: A West Java court sentenced a student activist on the 
>> to 10 years in jail for allegedly masterminding a riot that left 
>> people dead in December last year, a report said yesterday.
>> Mimih Haeruman, 25, was found guilty of causing enmity and disunity
>> between members of different religions, and prompting chaos and 
>> the Suara Karya daily said. -- AFP.