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Letter to the Prime Minister of the

Subject:  Karen Refugees in camps along the Thai/Burma border
Date   :  Thu, 21 Nov 1997
>From   :  kyo_australia@xxxxxxxxxxx
To     :  govspkmn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

21 November, 1997

The Prime Minister
The Royal Thai Government
Bangkok, Thailand.

Your Excellency,

I write on behalf of the Karen Youth Organisations of Australia, Canada, 
Japan and United States of America because we are alarmed and distressed 
at the recent dastardly treatment of Karen refugees at the Thay Pu Law 
Sue and other refugee camps by soldiers of your government.

The reliable information that has been given to us and also widely 
reported in the internet is that on the 15-11-97 under the orders of one 
Lieutenant Narochar of the 4th Battalion, 3rd Army, soldiers entered the 
above camp and fired 10 M79 shells and 200 rounds of M16 rifles killing 
and injuring unarmed refugees because they refused to be re-located to a 
new site which is a ten minute walk from the camps of the Burmese army. 
Their huts were burnt down and those who have escaped are being sought 
out to be shot on sight.

Karen refugees in other camps are also being threatened and inhumanely 
treated. It appears that your government is collaborating with the 
Burmese military government to re-locate them so that they will be 
forced to labor in camps at the mercy of the brutal Burmese regime.

This program of forced relocation must stop. We urge you as the new 
Prime Minister to adopt a more humane and compassionate approach in the 
treatment of the Karen refugees who are old, poor and helpless. 
International las prohibits such treatment and requires host countries 
of refugees to protect and provide for the basic needs of refugees. 
There are aid agencies that want to supply them with the basic 
requirements. Please give this matter your personal attention and make 
it possible for rescue workers and organizations concerned to do 
something for their fellow human beings.

International treaties must be respected. Just as you care for the lives 
of your peopld, you owe a duty to protect the lives of others who have 
been unjustly and brutally removed from their usual habitat. We hope 
that your policies will be for justice and right to prevail in your 
country and in your neighbor's country too.

Please accept, Your Excellency, the assurance of our highest 

(Saw Eh Taw Ray)
Karen Youth Organisation (Australia)

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