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KYO Canada Statement

Karen Youth Organization - Canada  Statement

Re: KYO Canada condemn the death of Karen refugees

KYO Canada is seriously concerned about the current situation of
the Karen refugees along Thai/Burma border area.  We have seen
the reports concerning the killing of six Karen refugee including a
three days old baby killed by the Thai Army at Thay Pu Law Sue
camp on Nov 15,1997. Under the command of Lieutenant Narochar
of the 4th Battalion, 3rd Army.

All these refugees who recently fled Burma due to forced
relocation, torturing and force labor.

We would like to request the Thai government to protect and allow the
refugees these refugee to stay in Thailand. It is only logical for
to honor this request  because it is a democratic country that respects
human rights.

We also would like to request the Canadian government, UNHCR and
the Thai government  monitor this situation and investigate the
deaths of these six refugees.

KYO Canada