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About Ken'ichi Ohmae's article in S

>From an authoratative source, BRC--J has learned that:

Ohmae is most definitely a BIG FISH in the pond of Japan Incorporated, an
internationally-known business consultant who has written several books on
economic globalization (one of his titles is
BEYOND THE NATION-STATE). In other words, he's an apostle of Greed without

His unsympathetic statements re: Aung San Suu Kyi could be interpretated as
indicative of a major push by business interests to promote closer ties,
including an ODA restart.  

As question remains about his position at UCLA -- perhaps he holds a
professor's chair at some Japan-funded research center there?  He's
certainly well-known and well-connected.  Actually, compared to Ohmae,
Hashimoto (from the recently cited PHP article) and even rightist Ishihara
Shintaro (The Japan That Can Say No!)  are small-fry, hardly worth bothering

Our source suggests that pressure may be building within MITI for a
breakthrough on "Myanmar", although that would foul up relations with the US
and the EU, which Japan really can't afford right now.

With metta,
Visakha and Ken