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NEWS - More Armed Ethnic Rebels Sur

More Armed Ethnic Rebels Surrender in Myanmar


               YANGON (Nov. 19) XINHUA - Another 21 members
               of various anti-government armed groups in
               Myanmar surrendered to the government in different
               military regions in the first half of October, the
               official paper The New Light of Myanmar reported

               Those who "exchanged arms for peace" in the
               northeastern, southeastern, western, southern and
               coastal region command areas between October 1
               and 15 included members of the ethnic Kayin
               National Union (KNU), the All Burma Students'
               Democratic Front and the Burma Communist Party. 

               They brought in some arms and ammunition, the
               report said. Of the 16 anti-government ethnic armed
               groups in Myanmar, 15 have made peace with the
               government, leaving the largest one, the KNU, still
               in opposition, official sources said.