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Japan links to drug countries

Japan is also leading donor to Peru's drug-rotten corrupt military
government - next is united states --  that banks on suppessing a 
politicized impoverished people
in underground holes, with full endorsement and approval by the united
states, despite being listed by clinton as illicit drug
producing/trafficking country. Peru is Japan's big step into Latin
America. Just thought it good for balance, east and west, japan supports
dictatorships with trade and money. 

BurmaJapan@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Japan Provides Grant Aid to Myanmar Organizations
>                Xinhua
>                10-NOV-97
>                YANGON (Nov. 10) XINHUA - Japan will give nearly
>                200,000 U.S. dollars to local Myanmar
>                organizations in grant aid to help rural development
>                projects and agricultural education, according to a
>                press release by the Japanese embassy here
>                today.
>                Contracts were signed here today between the
>                Japanese ambassador to Myanmar and these
>                organizations.
>                According to the contracts, some 57,000 U.S.
>                dollars was provided to associations of Baptist
>                churches for their integrated rural development
>                projects in the Thantlang and Kalaymyo areas of
>                Sagaing division.
>                The rest of the money was extended to the
>                OSICA-International and Education Uplifting
>                Association of Greater Pakhangyi for their
>                agricultural education training program and
>                construction project in Pakhangyi.
>                Japan also extended to Myanmar in June about
>                16.5 million U.S. dollars used for debt relief.