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The Thai Army Third Division Killed

The Thai Army Third Division Killed Refugees from Burma

Due to the SLORC's new offensive in the Karen State in February 1997,
crossing the Thai Burma border, thousands of people from Burma are still
entering the territory of Thailand to take refugee there. In Maesod
District, Tak province, the Thai authorities allowed the refugees to
establish a  camp called Noe Boe and stay there. However, since October,
1997, the Thai authorities didn't permit the hundreds of new refugees to
join the Noe Boe camp and let them stay at two small villages entitled Kwi
Le Taw and Hti Shaw Khee, near Noe Boe camp. 

Current Information
On November11, 1997, the army personnels from Thai Army Division No (3) got
to Kwi Le Taw; ordered the refugees to return to Burma and move back to Baw
Naw Hta, a village on Thai Burma border, two hundred meters distance from
SLORC' military post and issued an ultimatum that Thai army will take strong
action against the refugees if they didn't observe that order within three

At 5:00 a.m. of November 15, Thai military column comprising 80 soldiers led
by Captain Naung Lon Chaing from Battalion (44), Division (3) got to Kwi Le
Taw village and fired the refugees with M79 and M16 rifles for twenty
minutes. To escape from the bullets, the refugees including mothers carrying
their kids ran away at random. A three month old kid slipped from his
mother's hand; fell to the ground and died. Altogether three refugees
including two who were shot dead passed away. A female refugee got wounded
at her leg. 

The other three male refugees who got wounded were tied up; their eyes were
blindfolded; and taken away to somewhere by the Thai army. Out of these
three refugees, one was anonymous; the other two were Phoe Che Doe and
Plarwar. Other refugees who did not get wounded were kicked, beaten by the
rifle butts and forcefully expelled to Baw Naw Hta. Then the tents of the
refugees were burnt down.   

According to reliable sources, Thai Army Division (3) will perform the
similar action on the refugees from Hti Shaw Khee.   

Foreign Affairs Committee
National Council of the Union of Burma
Date November 17, 1997

According to the latest information received at 14:30 on November 17, the
number of the refugees who died were altogether five. They are as follows: 

1. Youth 
2. Plawar ( 45 years old, from Thaminlet village)
3. Se Doe Ke ( 28 years old, from Thein Khwe village)
4. Ta Ka Paw Htu ( 30 years old from Ta Le Khi village)
5.  Anonymous ( 20 years old, he was forced to run and shot dead at the back)

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Burmese Relief Center--Japan urges that respectful letters deploring these
unfortunate killings and appealing for increased protection of Burmese
asylum seekers be written immediately to:

the new Prime Minister of Thailand, 
Prime Minister Chuan Leekpai
c/o the Government Spokesman:  <govspkmn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

or via air mail:

PM Chuan Leekpai
Office of the Prime Minister
Government House
Nakhon Pathom Rd.
Bangkok, 10300, Thailand

The King of Thailand, HM Kig Bhumibol Adulyadej
c/o His Royal Secretary
Office of the King
Bangkok, Thailand
Fax: + 66-2-280-0557
Fax: +66-2-224-3259

Please forward copies of your letters to: