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plf statement (r)

Statement regarding  the name-change of SLORC to SPDC

SLORC changed their name to SPDC, the State Peace and Development Council,
on 15 November 1997. This is a clear attempt to distance themselves from the
wrongdoings they have committed under the name of  SLORC. However, it is
obvious that the military regime in Burma has undergone no fundamental
change. It is just another to attempt to trick the people of Burma and the

The regime has already changed its name several times in the past. When it
first seized power in 1962, it was the  Revolutionary Council, which became
the BSPP -- the Burmese Socialist Program Party --, then the SLORC in 1988,
and now the SDPC. Throughout this period they have continually played with
words to justify their rule. However, no real transitions of power have been
made, and there has no been representation of the people's wishes in any of
the regime's incarnations.

The regime is still a military dictatorship, and the new name is just
another attempt to pander to international criticism and deceive the
simple-minded. All that has changed is that the ruling elite have reshuffled
their ranks and invented some extra positions to provide an extra income for
some retired military officers. 

Burma is sinking deeper and deeper into political, economic and social
crisis, yet the regime continues to cling on to power, in contempt of the
people's wishes.  It is certain that the suffering of the peoples of Burma
will only increase while this handful of military officers remains in control.

Although SLORC uses words like multi-party systems and democracy,  in
practice there is only coercion and military force, no matter what name they
like to give themselves. It is the duty of our time to overthrow the
military dictatorship, wherever we are and with whatever means we have.
Although they claim to be moving to democracy, it is obvious that the SLORC
military dictatorship is aiming for a lifelong monopoly on control.

We strongly urge people not to be deluded by the mere name change. If the
renamed SLORC, or the SPDC, really wants to establish a peaceful and
developed state, they should:
1. abolish the  SLORC's sham National Convention
2. release all political prisoners immediately
3. announce a nationwide cease-fire
4. recognize the results of the 1990 elections
5. hold a nationwide multi-party conference 

Until these measures are taken, the PLF will continue to fight  for
democracy and against the military dictatorship by organizing people's
demonstrations and armed struggle to achieve democracy as our goal.

Overthrowing the military dictatorship is the duty of our time.
We cannot expect any compassion from the enemy
We will win democracy

17. November 1997                                  
                  Central Committee
                  People's Liberation Front