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ABSDO-statement on ruling junta's '

Statement of ABSDO on ruling junta's 'cosmetic change'

We, the All Burma Students Democratic Organisation, believe changing
name of military regime(SLORC to SPDC) is just a magic show to the world
community. That is the same way which god-father of present rulers "NE
WIN" had used to change his so-called revolutionary council to BSPP(
Burmese Socialist Programme Party) in 1974. Without changing of its
major policy which is demanded by democratic forces and the
international community, changing name is meaningless and just to
prolong its power.

We also believe that using the meaningful words like 'PEACE' and
'DEVOLPMENT' is not appropriate for the military rulers of
Burma(SPDC-former SLORC) who have licence to kill, oppress, toture and
imprison their own people.

We also believe that genuine peace and devalopment can not exist without
meaningful dialouge with democratic forces. If they (SPDC-former SLORC)
really want to solve the country's problem in the peaceful and
democratic way, they must accept the meaningful dialouge which is
proposed by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and democratic forces rather than doing
any cosmetic changes.

Central Excecutive Committee
All Burma Students' Democratic Organisation

Dated....November 17' 1997

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